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C-29 Casing Head

Our people are motivated to push the boundaries of technology through learning to provide solutions that maximize clients' productivity and profits.

Who is Delta Corporation?

Delta Corporation (DC) is an oilfield equipment engineering design and manufacturing company based in USA. Delta is the only company that has branches in the Middle Eastern market with full in-house capability for all aspects of engineering design, manufacturing, research and development and maintenance support to the manufacturing and Oil & Gas service operations.

Why work at Delta Corporation?

Growing company-Delta Corporation offers a wide range of opportunities along with its ambitious expansion plan.

Diversity - We believe in diversity and equality amongst our people, as we encourage them to get together and respect each others’ differences.

Learning culture - We encourage our employees to explore and learn innovative techniques and solutions to resolve technical and business subjects in the benefit of their personal development and the company with new innovative solutions.

Equal opportunities of growth - We provide equal challenging opportunities and we are committed to treating our employees with dignity and respect.

Benefits - Delta provides competitive salaries, free of local taxes, secure and stable contracts, medical insurance, transportation allowance, excellent annual leave with paid air fares to the country of origin.

Work environment - Delta’s workshops, machine shops and storage rooms are designed in a way that promotes healthy physical work environment and movement for employees. All employees are trained on Delta’s standardized work processes so that each employee is responsible for promoting good work habits to improve the overall work environment.

Quality Management System - Delta is accredited by ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 29001 and is committed to continuous improvement and quality control throughout all processes.

Health, Safety & Environment - Delta is committed to building an effective management system comprising health, safety and environmental protection. Delta continually improves its performance by standardizing manufacturing and work processes to control pollution and prevent injuries or illness.

Pantry services - Delta cares about maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle for its employees and consequently ensures free daily pantry services and food for all its employees.

Accommodation for workers - Delta ensures safe, tidy and adequate accommodation for workers.

Transportation for workers - Delta provides appropriate air conditioned safe and tidy transportation for employees.