Tubing Spools

Tubing Spools

The Tubing Head is the top spool on a surface wellhead assembly. It is installed after the last hanger or production casing/tubing annulus seal. When the well is completed, the tree is installed on top of the tubing head with a tubing head adapter.

TC & TCM Tubing Heads

TC and TCM Tubing Heads

TC & TCM Tubing Heads TC Tubing Heads are a straight bore bowl design, for single and multiple completion in working pressure through 15, 000 psi and in sizes to meet all multiple completion requirements.

If conversion from existing single completion to multiple completion should be required, a TC attachment can be installed on top of any existing head with the same size and pressure rating flange.

The illustration shows a TC Head with an X-bushing bottom. They are also available with a plain bore or plastic injection seals in the bottom flange.

All 7 1/16” TC Tubing Heads for 7 5/8” casing are supplied with full opening bore for use up to 5,000 psi working pressure. A 6 3/8” bore is supplied for 10,000 and 15,000 psi working pressure equipment. Reducer Busings with Bit Guides are available for reduction to 7”, 5 1/2”, 5” and 4 1/2” casing, providing additional flexibility.

Type TCM Tubing Head is identical with TC Tubing Head, but it has no aligning pin.